In FOIA’D Text Convo, School Board Chair Says “CRT is What We’re Doing Here”

In a text string obtained via FOIA by county resident, Jeff Fuller, School Board Chairman, Dr. Babur Lateef, appears to acknowledge that Critical Race Theory is being implemented in Prince William County Schools.

In a May 19th text conversation with Katie Olsen-Flynn a member of the school division’s “Advisory Council on Equity,” Lateef replied back to Olsen-Flynn:

“Well I have always said that and I have maintained crt is what we are doing here.”

Lateef followed that text up with:

“I am trying to get To vote as quickly as possible. I don’t believe in transparency or public discussion.”

The vote Lateef was alluding to was on the proposed “Equity Statement” which was adopted the following day

Since his comments on transparency and public discussion, Lateef and the School Division have:

  • Voted to limit public comment time
  • Voted to limit material written on signs brought into board chambers only to content approved by the School Board
  • Limited the number of taxpaying residents allowed in board chambers during meetings
  • Voted to censor comments and topics made by residents during public comment time
  • Implemented stadium style security screening of parents and residents prior to entering School Board meetings


– Coles District Staff