Congressional Storage

GPIN: 7794-78-2053

Plan Number: REZ2021-00004, SUP2021-00007

Type: Rezoning – Non-Residential, Special Use – Special Use Permit


Congressional Storage – This is a request to rezone an approximately ±0.345-acre portion of the subject property currently addressed 10615 Dumfries Road, and identified on County maps as GPIN 7794-78-2053(pt.), from A-1, Agricultural, to B-1, General Business. This application is being concurrently processed with a special use permit (SUP2021-00007) request to allow a self-storage center and interim commercial parking use. The SUP area includes ±2.473-acres and is located at 10613 and 10615 Dumfries Road, and identified on County maps as GPINs 7794-78-1662 and 7794-78-2053. The subject area is zoned B-1, General Business, and A-1, Agricultural; is designated CEC, Community Employment Center, in the Comprehensive Plan; is located within the Route 234 (Dumfries Road) Highway Corridor Overlay District, Airport Safety Overlay District, and is subject to proffers pursuant to REZ2011-000268. Coles Magisterial District.


Stephen Gardner – [email protected]

Randy Thorton – [email protected]