Dar Al-Noor Mosque Expansion

GPIN Number: 8093-51-4254

The Dar Al-Noor Mosque, located on Hoadly Road between Purcell Road and the Parkway, is requesting a Special Use Permit to expand its current 12,000 square foot structure to 88,276 feet.

The expansion would include three stories with a basement, along with an updated prayer hall, a multi-purpose banquet hall, a youth and senior center, meeting rooms, play areas, daycare, a private school for 200 students, and an auditorium. The expansion may also include a medical center. 

The Special Use Permit would allow the applicant to increase its number of prayer rugs from 502 to 1,782, resulting in an increase of daily Friday vehicle trips from 1,761 to 6,250 according to county estimates. 

Planners: Scott Meyer – [email protected]; Randy Thornton – [email protected]