PWC Landfill Renewable Natural Gas

GPIN: 7991-09-6721

Plan Number: PFR2022-00010

Type: Public Facilities Review – Formal Review


PWC Landfill Renewable Natural Gas – This determination is a request for a Renewable Natural Gas. This proposed facility occupies approximately 2 acres of the land fill property and includes a building approximately 80′ x 225′ with ground-mounted piping, storage containers, valves, etc. to facilitate processing and storage on the overall ±1061.98 acre parcel. This site is located at 14811 Dumfries Rd and is identified on County mapper as a portion of 7991-09-6721(pt.); is zoned A-1, Agricultural; and the Comprehensive Plan Long Range Land Use designation is PL, Public Land. A portion of the site is in the Highway Corridor Overlay District.


Alexander Vanegas – [email protected]

Aisha Medina – [email protected]