Protecting Our Environment

Coles Residents,

The role of public servant is an awesome responsibility for anyone serving in government. One of those responsibilities is to be a good steward over that which we’ve been entrusted.

County Supervisors are entrusted to be good stewards over many things. The most common is to be a good steward over your tax dollars. However, on this Earth Day I want to point out that we’re to be good stewards of our local environment here in the county also.

For far too many years, our residents have been exasperated by the “build at all costs” mantra of local government and the effects it’s had on our traffic, school overcrowding, taxes, and public safety services. It was recently brought to my attention the disastrous impact it has on our local environment here as well.

Increased pollution, c02, the loss of green space, and the impact on our drinking water are just a few results when public servants succumb to the pressure to build one massive new housing project after another over the objections of our residents.

What your local elected officials do in regards to land use represents their great impact towards strengthening or weakening our local environment.

As we celebrate this Earth Day, you have my word that I will continue to fight for a more balanced approach to land use cases which prioritizes our environment and the wishes of our residents first.

For Coles,

Yesli Vega