Supervisor Vega Votes Against Initiating CPA for Amazon Data Center Outside of Data Center Overlay District

Prior to the vote on the “PWC Digital Gateway” on July 20th, Supervisor Vega also voted against initiating a CPA for Amazon Data Services on property abutting the Manassas Mall as the property is located outside of the county’s current Data Center Overlay District.

“The County may determine this is a fine location for a data center after finishing its study. But that study isn’t finished yet and I’m not sure why we continue to put the cart before the horse, especially since we just hired a consultant to give us their opinion on where good locations for data centers might be,” said Supervisor Vega.

The initiation passed on a 6-2 vote, with Supervisor Candland joining Supervisor Vega in wanting to allow the taxpayer funded data center study to be conducted first.


– Coles District Staff