Board Votes to Authorize Public Hearing for Out-of-State License Fee

Vega a Major Supporter of Program to Impact Scofflaws Instead of Law-Abiding Taxpayers



On June 15th, the Board of Supervisors voted to authorize a public hearing, scheduled for July 13th, to adopt an ordinance imposing an annual $100 license fee on owners of motor vehicles that do no display current Virginia license plates and a $250 penalty on those who fail to timely register their motor vehicles.

Supervisor Vega has long been a supporter of the adoption of this program which she hopes will bring in additional revenue that can then be offset with lower real estate tax bills for law-abiding county taxpayers.

Many non-military residents with plates from neighboring Maryland and other states avoid registering their vehicles in Virginia, afoul of state law. Loudoun County received nearly $1 million for a similar program within a couple years of implementing. With a more dense and higher population, the program, if approved and implemented appropriately, should net even more for Prince William County.

interested residents can use this link to sign up to speak remotely on this topic or any other item on Tuesday’s agenda. In-person comments on the item during the 2pm meeting are also welcomed.



– Coles District Staff