Board / Commission / Committee Appointments

Supervisor Vega’s Citizen Appointments

Board / Commission / CommitteeAppointeeEmail
Airport Authority, Stafford RegionalDonald “Desi” Arnaiz[email protected]
Animal Advisory BoardRon Crigger[email protected]
Architectural Review BoardMichael Garcia[email protected]
Board of EqualizationWilliam Deutsch[email protected]
Board of Zoning AppealsDavon Gray[email protected]
Commission on AgingEdward "Mickey" Feeley[email protected]
Community ServicesPatrick Sowers[email protected]
DCSM/Zoning Ordinance Advisory CommitteeSteven Mitchell[email protected]
Disability Services BoardSarah Pitkin[email protected]
Health Systems Agency of Northern VABob Pugh[email protected]
Historical CommissionErin Shockley[email protected]
Historical CommissionJohn DePue[email protected]
Housing BoardPaige Page[email protected]
Human Rights CommissionBenjamin Baldwin[email protected]
Lake Jackson Sanitary District Advisory CommitteeHoward Smith[email protected]
Lake Jackson Sanitary District Advisory CommitteeChristopher Guidry[email protected]
Lake Jackson Sanitary District Advisory CommitteeBill Berry[email protected]
Lake Jackson Sanitary District Advisory CommitteeMichael Trentacoste[email protected]
Lake Jackson Sanitary District Advisory CommitteeLois McPherson[email protected]
Lake Jackson Sanitary District Advisory CommitteeRhonda Craighead[email protected]
Lake Jackson Sanitary District Advisory CommitteeCarol Charsky[email protected]
Lake Jackson Sanitary District Advisory CommitteeMarcy Brusoe[email protected]
Lake Jackson Sanitary District Advisory CommitteeChris Guidry[email protected]
Library BoardBarbara Dodge[email protected]
Parks & Recreation CommissionJane Beyer[email protected]
Planning CommissionJoe Fontanella[email protected]
Prince William County Arts CouncilRon Crigger[email protected]
Racial and Social Justice Commission Charles Haddow[email protected]
Service AuthorityPaul O’Meara[email protected]
Social Services Advisory BoardJacob Mosser[email protected]
Solid Waste Citizens Advisory GroupJames Gestrich[email protected]
Solid Waste Citizens Advisory GroupJoseph Chisholm[email protected]
Solid Waste Citizens Advisory GroupHarry Glasgow[email protected]
Solid Waste Citizens Advisory GroupMark Bonner[email protected]
Solid Waste Citizens Advisory GroupLynn Meadows[email protected]
Strategic Plan Development TeamMartin Jeter[email protected]
Taxicab Review BoardEllen Miles[email protected]
Trails and Blueways CouncilJoe Marshall[email protected]
Trails and Blueways CouncilMichael DePue[email protected]
Upper Occoquan Service Authority BoardNancy Vehrs[email protected]
Weapons Control CommitteeRobert GudzAvailable Upon Request