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Visit the Coles District office during regular hours. We are happy to assist you free of charge.

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Redistricting Information


As a result of the 2020 Census, both the state and local governments have adopted new districts. These new districts do not go into effect until the next election. Therefore, our office recommends that you continue to contact your current representative – regardless of whether your district has changed or not.


You can find the new district maps at the following links:

Who are my federal, state, and local representatives?


You can use the following online tools to determine who your representatives are:

U.S. Senate

Name:Capitol Phone:District Phone:Contact Form:
Timothy Kaine
(202) 224-4024(703)
Mark Warner
(202) 224-2023(703)

U.S. Congress

District:Name:Capitol Phone:District Phone:Contact Form:
7thAbigail Spanberger(202) 225-2815N/
10thJennifer Wexton(202) 225-5136(703)

Virginia Executive Branch

GovernorGlenn YoungkinN/AContact Form
Lieutenant GovernorWinsome Sears(804) 786-2078[email protected]
Attorney GeneralJason Miyares(804) 786-2071Contact Form

Virginia State Senate

District:State Senate:Main Phone:Alt. Phone:Email:
13thJohn Bell(804) 698-7513(571) 367-9080[email protected]
28thRichard Stuart(804) 698-7528(804) 493-8892[email protected]
29thJeremy McPike(804) 698-7529(571) 316-0581[email protected]
36thScott Surovell(804) 698-7536(571) 249-4484[email protected]
39thGeorge Barker(804) 698-7539(703) 303-1426[email protected]

Virginia House of Delegates

District:Delegate:Main Phone:Alt. Phone:Email Contact:
2ndCandi King(804) 698-1002None[email protected]
13thDanica Roem(804) 698-1013(571) 393-0242[email protected]
31stElizabeth Guzman(804) 698-1031(571) 403-1213[email protected]
40thDaniel Helmer(804) 698-1040None[email protected]
50thMeeshel Maldanado(804) 698-1050(571) 287-3204[email protected]
51stBrianna Sewell(804) 698-1051(703) 261-4746[email protected]
52ndLuke Torian(804) 698-1052(703) 785-2224[email protected]
87thSuhas Subramanyam(804) 698-1087None[email protected]

Prince William County Board of Supervisors

Email the entire Board of Supervisors: [email protected]

County:Supervisor:Main Phone:Email Contact:
Chair At-LargeAnn Wheeler(703) 792-4640[email protected]
NeabscoVictor Angry(703) 792-4667[email protected]
BrentsvilleJeanine Lawson(703) 792-6190[email protected]
GainesvilleVacant(703) 792-6195[email protected]
OccoquanKenny Boddye(703) 792-4643[email protected]
PotomacAndrea Bailey(703) 792-4645[email protected]
WoodbridgeMargaret Franklin(703) 792-4646[email protected]

Prince William County School Board

District:Board Member:Phone:Email Contact:
Chair At-LargeBabur Lateef(571) 353-6469[email protected]
ColesLisa Zargarpur(703) 791-8709 [email protected]
WoodbridgeLoree Williams(571) 242-8259[email protected]
BrentsvilleAdele Jackson(703) 791-8709[email protected]
OccoquanLillie Jessie(571) 659-1636[email protected]
NeabscoDiane Raulston(571) 251-3467[email protected]
GainesvilleJennifer Wall(703) 791-8709[email protected]
PotomacJustin Wilk(703) 791-8709[email protected]

Prince William County Government Agencies & Departments

Department:Main Phone:
Adult Detention Center(703) 792-6420
Area Agency on Aging(703) 792-6374
Circuit Court(703) 792-6015
Commonwealth's Attorney(703) 792-6050
Community Services - Manassas(703) 792-7800
Community Services - Woodbridge(703) 792-4900
County Attorney(703) 792-6620
Criminal Justice Services - Manassas(703) 792-6065
Criminal Justice Services - Woodbridge(703) 792-4984
Development Services(703) 792-6930
Economic Development(703) 792-5500
Environmental Services(703) 792-7070
Executive Management(703) 792-6600
Fire and Rescue (Non-Emergency)(703) 792-6800
General District Court(703) 792-6141
Housing and Community Development(703) 792-7530
Human Rights Commission(703) 792-4680
Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court(703) 792-6160
Management and Budget(703) 792-6720
Neighborhood Services(703) 792-7018
Office of Elections(703) 792-6470
Parks and Recreation(703) 792-7060
Planning Office(703) 792-7615
Police Department (Non-Emergency)(703) 792-6500
Prince William Health District(703) 792-7300
Public Libraries(703) 792-6100
Real Estate Assessments(703) 792-6780
Sheriff's Office (Non-Emergency)(703) 792-6070
Social Services(703) 792-7500
Solid Waste Management(703) 792-6254
Taxpayer Services(703) 792-6710
VDOT(800) 367-7623
Virginia Cooperative Extension(703) 792-4371
Zoning Office(703) 792-7615