County Survey: Residents Overwhelmingly Oppose Proposed “Equity and Inclusion” Policy Document

Questioned Need for Policy, Racist Language Most Commonly Cited Reasons for Opposition



Prince William County’s proposed “Equity and Inclusion” policy document received mainly negative feedback from County residents this summer. Between June 23 and July 30, 772 residents offered their thoughts on the document. A full list of comments and feedback can be viewed here (County resident’s names have been redacted for safety purposes).

After a careful review of all comments, Supervisor Vega’s office determined that 83.5% of comments and feedback received viewed the document as unfavorable or unnecessary in Virginia’s most diverse county. More than half of Prince William County’s elected officials identify as an ethnic minority.

Only 12.3% of comments were favorable or supportive and 4.0% of the comments were inconclusive one way or the other. One respondent admitted to living outside of the county.

Respondents from the Gainesville (90%), Coles (89%), and Occoquan (87%) magisterial districts were the most opposed as a percentage.

According to the American Research Group, a survey of 772 respondents from a sample size of 353,402 (Prince William County residents 18 and over) contains a margin of error of +/- 3.52%.

A date for the Board of County Supervisors to potentially vote to cement the document as official policy in every county office, department, and agency has not yet been scheduled.

At press time, county officials had not yet provided a yes or no answer if failure to accept or comply with the document would result in the termination of the county’s workforce.


– Coles District Staff