County Wants Your Feedback on “Equity and Inclusion” Policy Document

Prince William County wants your feedback on their “Equity and Inclusion” Draft Policy which will be voted on soon by the Board whether to incorporate into every facet of your local government.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND PROVIDE FEEDBACK ON THE DOCUMENT. (There will be a link at the top of the document to click on to provide feedback).

The document includes subjective definitions of key words and terms, “priority” areas, and suggested policies on how your government can arrive at a “culture of equity and inclusion,” including mandatory “training” for county employees on the mandates of the document (When asked if employees would be terminated for not conforming to the training, Prince William County government officials would not provide an answer).

As you’ll see in the document, “Equity Teams” would be placed in every department, agency, office, and across departments to ensure compliance and implementation. Additionally, “All County-appointed Boards, Committees, Commissions, Advisory Boards, Task Forces, and other advisory bodies are expected to execute functions within their purview in a manner that is consistent with this policy.”

The deadline to provide feedback on the document is July 23rd. After reviewing the document, you may click here to provide the county with your feedback. You’re also welcomed to submit your feedback directly to Supervisor Vega’s office at [email protected].


– Coles District Staff