Dumfries Town Council Approves Casino 6-1

Town, County Residents Worry About Increased Crime, Addiction, Poverty, Sex Trafficking, Drunk Driving, Traffic



On September 21st, the Dumfries Town Council voted 6-1 to approve “The Rose” gaming facility and hotel at 95 and 234.

In addition to the hotel and gaming facility, an 80 acre park will be built at the location of the current Potomac Landfill. The average annual salary for jobs created by the casino will be $46,000 pear year, about 50% of the area’s median income.

While the project was under the jurisdiction of the Dumfries Town Council, several residents within the town and Prince William County contacted the Board of County Supervisors to express their opposition to the casino, citing increased crime, addiction, poverty, sex trafficking, drunk driving, and traffic.

According to the Washington Post, much of the concern is legitimate. A study cited by the Post in 2012 shows that not only do the approval of casinos increase crime, but also increased bankruptcy and suicide.

An August of 2019 study sent to the Board by the group “No Dice for Dumfries” details the impact on human sex trafficking and modern day slavery that localities invite to their neighborhoods once casinos are built.

While the supervisor representing Dumfries, Andrea Bailey, took no public stance on the casino, Supervisor Vega made a post the night before on her office Facebook page imploring the elected officials of Dumfries to look beyond the tax revenue the casino would purportedly bring. Supervisors Pete Candland and Jeanine Lawson also took public stances against the building of casino at the September 21st Board of County Supervisors meeting.

The first phase of “The Rose” is expected to open to open in 2023.


– Coles District Staff