County Employees Recognized with June 2021 Leadership at All Levels Awards

Prince William County’s “Leadership at All Levels” award (LAAL) replaced the Employee of the Month award. After being nominated by fellow employees, the Service Quality Council (made of employees from different departments and agencies) determines which of the recognitions submitted will be selected for the award.


Below you can find the Leadership at All Levels Award recipients for June 2021:


Nominator: Kathy Holtzlander

Nominee: Edward Bartalos, William Rolley, Lucas Jacobs, Matthew Smith, James Verts, Dennis Griffith

Congratulations on achieving your Lane Miles Cleaned for the year! This was truly a team effort! I’m very proud of you for remaining focused and working together throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure your Performance Goal was met this year. You were tasked to assist several other agencies for COVID-related support and you responded without hesitation. From transporting equipment and supplies in support of the County’s Homeless Shelter program to ensuring the Gander Mountain COVID-19 Vaccination site was cleaned are ready to welcome residents, you truly demonstrated that our RICTER values are at the very foundation of the Litter Crew Team. Awesome Work!!!


Nominator: Dawn Newcomb

Nominee: Angelina Domena-Reynolds, Faisa Nur, Sherry Johnson, Stephanie Nalls, Roxana Cruz, Jacqueline Flores, David Barron, Crystal Kesock, Teresa Foster, Sara Bonilla 

Thanks to the Ferlazzo CS Admin Team! Your amazing teamwork, during the pandemic, to prep, scan and quality assure over 2,267,812 pieces of paper, converting all client paper charts to digital format was truly amazing! You worked tirelessly to assure accuracy and make sure that the EHR was updated so that all staff can easily find the data if needed. Each of you knew what needed to be done and stepped up to take care of it! You all exhibited Leadership at all levels to get this daunting task accomplished, all while still keeping the office running smoothly to provide support to clients and staff! Everyone worked together as an amazing team and I could not be more proud of the hard work that you all put in! Great Job Ferlazzo Admin Team!


Nominator: Wade Hugh

Nominee: Thomas Jarman, Rosa Moran, Amanda Spittle, Jena Goodman, Malika Viar, Thomas Michaely, Chad Roop, Eric Mays, Juan Torres, Judith Thompson, Tarren Horvath, Lyndon Loh, Jamey Long, Laura Foltz

On May 26, 2020, in response to COVID19, the FMO in cooperation with the Building Development Division implemented the Fire Protection Permit (FPP) ePlan Submission Program. Based on the urgent implementation schedule, the focus was isolated to needed technology with minimal discussion on the supporting business processes to fully implement the process. Within a month of the initial implementation, it became clear that the Program was experiencing critical faults and was on the verge of failing entirely. The frustration among staff and customers was high. The FPP ePlan Submission was hastily formed to analyze the issues and put solutions into place. On July 16th, the FPP ePlan Submission Team held their first meeting to identify the needed improvements. The Team was successful in transitioning from pointing out the failures with no solutions to partnering with each other to produce superior solutions. The Team developed a consistent streamlined process; clearly identified each group’s responsibilities; implemented a new Quality Control (QC) Process supported by a new Customer QA Checklist that allowed designers the opportunity to self-check their work prior to submitting their ePlans for review. The Team also created a New Customer FPP ePlan Guideline; and conducted training for staff and 40+ Fire Protection Contractors. The process improvements were implemented on October 12th. Over the last two months, the Team’s renewed partnership approach and the process improvements have resulted in a reduction in the number of FPP QC Submission Denials. Based on clear Program requirements and proactively educating the Contractors daily, the Team is anticipating a steady improvement in the overall quality of the FPP Plan Submissions, which may result in a reduction in FPP Plan Review times. The Team not only fixed an immediate problem. The Team also seized the opportunity to implement superior improvements that will benefit our customers well into the future.


Nominator: Amy Allen

Nominee: Pablo Alvarado

THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! The floors in Medical have not been this clean since…I can’t even say! They look great and the whole department smells better as well. Thank you for taking time out of your personal time to help us with something we have been struggling to get done for literally years. Your dedication to this assignment in Medical is most definitely appreciated!


Nominator: Michelle Casciato

Nominee: Keri Purtell, Amy Ashby, Adreanne Simms, Stacey Allen, Johsua Lee, Linda Thompson, Christopher Schiavi, Jessica Jesse Zinn, Cynthia Chapates, Sarah Howell, Deborah Colwell, Rashmi Thakur, Tracey Hormuth, Stacy Fleming, Takisha Folkes-Moye, Angela Poetzman, Lisa Washington, Susan Washington

Many thanks to the Classification and Compensation team for all their hard work! This project began with a pay equity study RFP in 2017 and wrapped up in 2020 when the BOCS adopted a modernized classification and compensation structure, replacing a system that was over 25 years old. The team’s work resulted in significant pay adjustments for many employees, meeting the project goal to provide pay equity across the general employee population. Changing a foundational human resources system is a huge undertaking, and the team demonstrated our Vision and Values as they worked through a variety of challenges. The team took responsibility for ensuring consistent service throughout this long project to their regular work assignments. Creative methods were employed to meet obstacles, and the team maintained high ethical standards throughout, keeping the integrity of the personnel data secure. There were many challenges along the way, but the team persevered and got the project over the finish line. The new system gives the County the ability to compete in the marketplace. This thank you note is belated, but truly heart-felt. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the success of this project.


Nominator: Michelle Casciato

Nominee: Shelia Venning, David Watkins, Malcolm Echaluce, Joshua Lee, Allisha Abraham, Dana Carey, Kelly Ann Beard, Leviticus Bass, Vanessa Hogue, Tynell Dunaway, Keith Walker, Angela Mills, Joan Duckett, Crystal Athan, Brian Engelmann, Melissa Davis, Briana Sewell, Helen Walla, Virginia Person, Jaime Aguilar, Amir Wenrich, Tony Turnage, Marjorie Leon

Thank you, 2020 Census Team, for your hard work during the recent census. You worked for well over a year to make sure that we counted as many people as possible, and it paid off! The 2020 response rate was 76.9%, well over the 2010 census response of 72.1%. And, you accomplished this during the COVID-19 pandemic when the planned public campaign was significantly curtailed. This was a long project, and you adapted to the many changes and obstacles as needed. The team exemplified our Vision and Values, working as a team, keeping integrity at the forefront, taking responsibility to ensure that the County residents will have access to more federal funding to help the community for the next 10 years. That is truly doing the right thing for the entire county. You have performed a great service for Prince William County, and we are grateful for your service and dedication. Thank you!