Local Parents Group Concerned Over School Board Chair’s Comments

“You have to listen to God, Teacher, Parent. That’s the order.”


A local parents group named STOP CRT NOW, has expressed concern over a comment made by Prince William County School Board Chair, Babur Lateef, during the June 16th School Board meeting. While extolling praise for the outgoing and scandal plagued PWCS Superintendent, Stephen Walts, and Deputy Superintendent, Keith Imon, Lateef commented, “In my culture, tradition…you have to listen to God, Teacher, Parent. That’s the order.” You can view a clipped version of the comment here and the entire meeting here. Lateef’s comments can be heard around the 51 minute mark.

A parent and spokesperson with the STOP CRT NOW group, who requested to remain anonymous due to the doxxing and targeting of parents by teachers, school board members, and others in neighboring Loudoun County, told Supervisor Vega’s office that it’s their belief that “this is putting teachers and school board members in between parents and their children.” The constituent further tied the School Board Chair’s comments to the debate going on over elements of the theory of Critical Race Theory being introduced in county schools. “I realize this is the philosophy and the guidance coming out of the Virginia Department of Education and Prince William County Schools that will teach children to judge each other by race. My kids are mixed race. Which race will they be judged by?”

Last year, Supervisors Candland, Lawson, and Vega walked out of a joint meeting with the school board when the county’s new “Equity and Inclusion” Director, Maria Burgos, began lecturing the two boards about implicit bias and other terms associated with the harmful, sadistic, and divisive theory of Critical Race Theory.


– Coles District Staff