National School Boards Association says parents speaking against CRT, mask mandates are “equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes”, Biden’s DOJ Announces Federal Response to Request for Assistance

On September 29th, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) – headquartered in Alexandria, VA – sent a letter to President Biden seeking assistance from the federal government to stop alleged “threats of violence and acts of intimidation” from parents. In the letter, the NSBA decried “propaganda” about Critical Race Theory being taught in classrooms, and expressed their disdain for parents who oppose mask mandates for children. The NASB claimed that actions by some parents are “equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.” They requested that federal laws, such as the PATRIOT Act, be enforced. Virginia was one of the states mentioned in their letter as a place of concern.

On October 4th, the U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memorandum in response to the NSBA letter. Garland stated that the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is “committed to using its authority and resources to discourage these threats.” That same day, the DOJ published a press release, summarizing their objective as being to “determine how federal enforcement tools can be used to prosecute these crimes.” A federal task force will be created, which will include the FBI, to undertake this task.

The blatant intimidation tactic apparently worked in Prince William as citizen turnout for the October 6th school board meeting fell precipitously.

Those chasing elected officials into the bathroom have yet to receive such treatment or designation.

– Coles District Staff