New Virginia Laws That Took Effect July 1

Some new Virginia laws that took effect on July 1 following passage and support by the General Assembly and Ralph Northam, include:

  • Legalization of the gateway drug, marijuana, for those 21 and over
  • Abolishment of the death penalty for murderers and rapists
  • Increased maximum litter fees from $250 to $500
  • Banning of the release of plastic balloons into the air, to include a civil fine
  • Banning police from pulling someone over for not having their head lights on in the evening or working tail and brake lights
  • Banning police from searching a car already pulled over when the smell of marijuana is present
  • Banning police from pulling someone over for a loud or broke exhaust system
  • Banning police from stopping someone for jaywalking or entering a highway
  • Banning police from stopping someone whose license plate is less than four months beyond the expiration date
  • Denying citizens their Second Amendment rights while in state buildings, the state capitol, and on state capitol grounds, and while voting
  • A 5% pay increase for taxpayer funded government employees; State Troopers will receive a 3% increase
  • The decriminalization of shoplifting and larceny


– Coles District Staff