Planning Commission Now Weighing in on Transportation Issues

Follows Supervisor Vega Directive to More Closely Examine Land Use and Transportation Holistically



The Prince William County Planning Commission has started to receive briefings on key transportation projects in Prince William County following a directive last year by Supervisor Vega for the county to more closely examine how land use and transportation are inextricably linked.

Over the last few decades, many county residents have come to believe that county leadership in elected and non-elected positions haven’t closely examined the impact land use decisions has on traffic and transportation infrastructure and vice versa.

The general feeling is that the county has approved one housing project after another without having the proper infrastructure in place to sufficiently manage the increased population and subsequent traffic.

Last September, Supervisor Vega issued a directive for the creation of a Transportation Commission to study and examine such issues. After several months, a compromise was reached and responsibility was placed upon the Prince William County Planning Commission to receive briefings and vote on major transportation projects and items proposed within the country.

On June 16th, the Planning Commission was provided a high level overview of transportation issues and projects within the county, followed by a work session on July 21st on NVTA Grant Submissions.

In August, the planning commission will have another work session focusing on the goals and polices of the mobility chapter of the comprehensive plan.

While the current board of supervisors often disregards the advice of the planning commission, Supervisor Vega believes an extra set of eyes by those tasked with making responsible land use recommendations will result in a better product and better decision making for Prince William County residents.


– Coles District Staff