Prince William County August COVID-19 Statistics

Daily Hospitalizations Counts for past 90 Days by Report Date, Prince William County (Retrieved August 27th)

The following data tables are from the Virginia Department of Health for the week of August 24th.


Cases 48,264 (+602)
Case positivity Rate 7.5% (7 Day Avg.) (+1.2%)
Hospitalizations 1,782 (+34)
Deaths 517 (+3)



At least One Dose 282,461 (+3,249)
Fully Vaccinated 250,330 (+2,800)
Rates per 100,000
At least One Dose 60,055 (+669)
Fully Vaccinated 53,224 (+596)
Percent of the Population
At least One Dose 60.1% (+0.7%)
Fully Vaccinated 53.2% (+0.6%)
Percent of the Adult Population
At least One Dose 73.4% (+0.6%)
Fully Vaccinated 65.7% (+1.2%)


For the most up to date information on COVID-19, please visit the Virginia Department of Health’s COVID-19 dashboard and the Prince William Health District’s COVID-19 vaccine dashboard.


– Coles District Staff