Sexually Explicit Adult Book Removed from Fairfax County Schools Remain Available for Prince William County Youth

“Lawn Boy” Still Available for Students in All 13 County High Schools



A book recently removed by Fairfax County Schools for depicting graphic descriptions of sex between men and children remains available to students in Prince William County Schools.

“Lawn Boy,” written by Jonathan Evison, was pulled for review from Fairfax County Schools on September 24th after a Fairfax County parent read aloud excerpts from the book at the September 23rd School Board Meeting.

The Coles District Newsletter will not reprint the excerpts from the book available to Prince William County children, however, you can view the Fairfax County parent’s video testimonial here.

“Lawn Boy” and “Gender Queer” (not currently available in PWCS) depict and normalize pedophilia between adults and children. “Lawn Boy” is currently available at the following Prince William County Schools:

To date, nobody from Prince William County Schools has addressed why the book is still available to Prince William County students.

To share your thoughts with county school leadership, you may send an e-mail to your elected representatives on the County School Board or e-mail PWCS Superintendent, LaTanya McDade at [email protected].


– Coles District Staff