SOL Test Scores Plummet in Prince William County, Northern Virginia, State

Virtual Learning the Reason


The decisions by local school boards and administrators to force children into virtual learning environments last year caused Standards of Learning test scores to plummet across the Commonwealth of Virginia, including Prince William County.

Despite CDC guidance that schools were the safest place for children to be during the pandemic, certain school boards, such as Prince William’s, persisted to keep school children at home despite early evidence that the virtual learning was having a profoundly negative impact on their mental health and educational performance and attainment.

According to the Virginia Department of Education, passing rates among all Virginia students for English tests fell 11.5%, for science tests, 27.2%, and for math tests, 34.1%.

Those numbers were even slightly more stark in Prince William County in science and math, which showed a 29.6% and 34.9% decrease. Passing rates in the County for English tests fell by 8.9%, slightly below the statewide average.

Local organizations such as the Prince William Education Association lobbied against in-person learning last year with some affixing baby coffins to the top of their vehicles during an October protest.


– Coles District Staff