Supervisor Vega Visits Ner Shalom Synagogue

Will soon be opening County’s first Jewish Early Learning Center


Last month, Supervisor Vega attended the Ner Shalom Synagogue’s first Community Picnic. While there she was given a tour of the synagogue and grounds. Ner Shalom will soon be opening a Gan Teva (“Nature Garden” in Hebrew) and is in the process of obtaining proper permitting from the County.

Ner Shalom will offer a play-based curriculum celebrating Jewish tradition and a love of nature which will be open to children 3 to 5 years of age from all backgrounds. Gan Teva will be Prince William County’s first Jewish Early Learning Center.

School Director Rabbi Elizabeth Goldstein leads the congregation, the only synagogue in Prince William County. Rabbi Goldstein will also serve as the Judaic consultant for Gan Teva.

Thanks to Ner Shalom for all the great work they do in the community!


– Coles District Staff